Latest eclipse forecast: Best chances on Western Isles

A total solar eclipse will occur on Friday, March 20th, across the Faroe Islands and as an extra service for international users TV 2 Weather Centre here presents the weather forecast for the Faroe Islands with English subtitles.

TV 2 meteorologist Lone Seir presents the latest forecast in the video above. Current model guidance suggests that a low pressure area and an associated frontal zone will move to the south-east Friday morning giving way to clearer skies close to the Faroe Islands.

The situation is still uncertain, but as of now there is a chance for clearing skies on the South-Western flank og the frontal zone. The best - although rather moderate - chances for seeing the eclipse will therefore be on the Western and Southern isles, e.g. Vagar, Mykines and Suduroy.

TV 2 Weather Centre believes that chances for being able to see the total eclipse of the sun are between 25% and 40%.